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There’s nothing scarier than being away from home and getting injured because of another's negligence. Dealing with the pain and suffering, as well as the anxiety of being injured away from home is stressful enough without having to add financial considerations. This is why consulting a maritime lawyer is so important when you experience an offshore accident.

As maritime lawyers, we specialize in general maritime law. We’ll do more than give you legal advice on how to handle your injury claims. At the Moschetta Law Firm, P.C., we will protect your benefits and assert your rights throughout the entire process. We represent you and your best interests, making sure that you’ll receive the maximum compensation possible for past and future medical care expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Let us focus on asserting your rights while you focus on your recovery.

Protect Your Rights & Benefits

You have a right to recover damages lost due to maritime-related or offshore injuries. We represent Longshore and Harbor workers and their families, maritime workers, Jones Act seaman and passengers injured during a maritime accident.

Receive Your Due Compensation

With our lawyers representing you, you won’t have to worry about being pressured to take a lower settlement than what you’re entitled to receive. We’ll secure the compensation you're due for your injuries, including past and future medical costs and lost income.

Get The Medical Treatment You Need

Medical costs for your injuries shouldn’t determine the treatment you need and deserve. With receiving the right financial compensation, you’ll get the medical treatment you’re entitled to for as long as you medically need it.

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